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The majority of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) claims relate to an inability to provide accessible parking spaces and proper slopes. When a business or local government restripes parking spaces within a parking lot, parking garage, or other parking facilities, it must provide accessible parking space to people with disabilities as required by the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (2010 Standards). Businesses that cater to the general public with goods and services are obligated under the ADA guidelines to remove barriers that prevent access to the disabled in existing parking facilities. Restriping is an affordable exercise that often results in achieving the minimum accessible space required for ADA compliance. State and local governments are also responsible on an ongoing basis to provide van-accessible ADA parking spaces in their parking garages.

AVOID A $75,000.00 FINE

Federal law allows for fines of up to $75,000 for the first ADA violation and $150,000 for any additional ADA violations

Our Licensed CASp experts are educated on the most up-to-date techniques for ADA Parking Lot Requirements per the state of California. Offering a wide range of Parking Lot ADA Compliance Consultations and Construction Services Including:

  • Disability Accessibility audits of existing facilities with Parking Lots as well as new striping and paving projects in California.
  • Designing and working with Architects for ADA accessible parking lot construction, including handicap stenciling.
  • Technical assistance for accessibility issues for currently constructed buildings
  • Consultation on the best methods for designing and managing buildings per the ADA
  • Training staff members on how to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Training sessions can be arranged for clients and their employees
  • Developing guidelines and policies related to disability-related issues




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ADA Liability Associated with Parking Lots

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Handicap Parking Spot Count requirements

New Parking Lot construction projects must meet minimum standards with very few exceptions; alterations are also subject to strict requirements, although they may be more affected by existing structural conditions. Existing buildings and facilities which are not undergoing planned alterations are viewed a little differently.

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Handicap Parking Spot Location Requirements

Accessible parking spaces must connect to the shortest accessible route to the accessible building entrance or facility they serve. If a parking facility serves multiple buildings or accessible entrances, accessible parking spaces should be dispersed to enable people to park near as many accessible entrances as possible.

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Parking Lot Sign Requirements

Accessible parking spaces must be identified by signs that include the International Symbol of Accessibility. Signs at van-accessible spaces must include the additional phrase “van-accessible.” Signs should be mounted so that the lower edge of the sign is at least five (5) feet above the ground. This helps ensure visibility both for motorists and local enforcement officials.

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Parking lot MAINTENANCE Requirements

Accessible parking spaces, aisles, and routes must be maintained in good repair and kept clear of snow, ice, or fallen leaf build-up. The ADA establishes these requirements to ensure that when parking facilities are provided by entities covered by Title II or Title III, accessible spaces with certain features are available. Many state and local governments have their own requirements, which may be more specific or more stringent.

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ADA Parking CASp Inspections & Striping

You must ensure the accessibility of your store, offices, and buildings, and this includes providing accessible spaces in your parking garage and other parking areas. Customers can get to the parking spot. It’s from the availability of ADA spaces in a parking lot to the right signage where ADA compliance is enforced by various laws and regulations. Here are a few general rules for avoiding an ADA lawsuit concerning ADA parking. Many businesses open to the public are required to provide a van-accessible ADA parking space for every 25 parking spaces. Some types of hospitals and medical services require a higher number. It’s important to note that while trying to achieve accessible spaces in an existing parking lot, the shortest route from van-accessible parking to accessible entrances must be considered. Also, one out of six ADA parking spaces must be van accessible. If your organization has difficulty understanding the ADA parking requirements, contact our LA certified access specialist.


In California, ADA spaces in a parking lot must follow ADA compliance standards set to achieve the minimum number of accessible parking spaces.
  1. The indication sign for access compliance in a parking lot should be mounted at a height of at least 60 inches from ground level to the bottom end of the sign.

  2. Provide wheel stops to prevent vehicles from reducing the clear width of the accessible route to less than 36 inches. This is needed when the accessible routes are right in front of the accessible spaces.

  3. The access aisle should be a minimum of 60 inches when it lies between two accessible spaces allotted for parking. This access aisle should have a slope of 1:48 in all directions. It must be of the same length and at the same level for both the accessible spaces it serves. This aisle should also join the building's accessible route without ramps coming in the way.

  4. Accessible spaces in parking lots can have a maximum slope of 1:48 in all directions and must be clearly marked along the perimeter for a minimum width of 96 inches.

  • The international symbol of accessibility must be included on the identification sign "Van Accessible" to indicate an accessible van space in cases where there are more than four accessible spaces for parking at any given site.

  • Vertical clearance for this van space, the adjacent access aisle, and the vehicular route must be at least 98 inches.

  • Van spaces must be at least 132 inches wide with at least a 96-inch wide access aisle alongside. Access to van spaces must also be from the passenger side of the vehicle and should be 18ft long in width.

  • The entrance door at the back of the van should also be 12 inches wide with letters saying no driving.

  • Access compliance in a residential facility parking lot is needed where each residential dwelling unit has been provided at least one parking space.

  • In cases where a residential dwelling unit is provided more than one parking space, at least 2% or a minimum of one space of the total parking spaces must meet ADA accessibility requirements.

  • Visitor parking spaces can be provided to nonresidents, guests, and employees in a residential dwelling unit as per the guidelines laid down by the local building department. At least one van-parking facility must be provided for every 6 disabled person spaces provided to residents of a residential dwelling unit.

  • We at CASp Inspectors can help you as a business owner design and complete parking lot striping in your commercial property so that it meets the parking lot striping requirements specified by the California building code for places like Los Angeles and San Bernardino.

  • ADA compliant space in a parking lot should be located fairly close to your nearest entrance(s). Having multiple doors for people with disabilities can definitely be a plus, as it allows more access compliance options along the shortest route to one of the accessible entrances.

  • The accessible route must be available to people with disabilities because they will also need a place to enter the building safely. You don't want a person who travels right into the lot and then needs to walk a long way across difficult terrain just to get someplace safe! Make sure that your parking lots are designed in a way that they slope no more than 1:12 in the direction of travel. The surface should be firm and slip-resistant and must not have any curbs or stairs.

  • Accessible spaces in parking facilities can be clustered around the accessible entrance, especially when you provide greater accessibility along the shortest route to the accessible entrance.

The border or perimeter of the access aisle between the two accessible spaces will be painted in blue. The diagonal stripes on the aisle must be 3 inches wide, perfectly spaced, and of a contrasting color (white) from the color used to mark the perimeter of the aisle.

The width measurements used to mark accessible spaces are calculated using the centerlines of the markings. For end parking spaces, the full width of the line is included.

Access aisles can be provided on either side of a parking space except in the case of angled van parking spaces, where the access aisle must be located on the passenger side of the parking space.

The access identification sign should not in any way obstruct a pedestrian walkaway and so does not have to be mounted on a pole directly in front of the accessible entrance. It can be mounted on a building, fence, or perimeter of the parking facility in a way that does not reduce the minimum clear width along the shortest accessible route to the accessible entrance.

ADA standards apply to the space you provide in any parking lot, irrespective of whether your area code is in LA, Newport Beach, Moreno Valley, Santa Monica, San Diego, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, La Habra, Yorba Linda, or any other place in California. Contact us at CASp Inspections. We'll make sure our final inspection report will get you ADA certified and help you avoid legal action in access space compliance cases.

It's not unusual to come across parking facilities that do not have the minimum number of accessible parking spaces or are unable to provide access aisles wide enough for a wheelchair to reach the closest accessibility entrance. The applicable state law for public accommodation prohibits discrimination in public accommodations. This means that as a property owner you must ensure compliance with this United States department directive to provide the required number of ADA spaces for parking. In order to get your site ADA certified, all the facilities in your property including parking garages and other areas must meet the accessibility norms laid down by the DSA. For example, the removal and replacement of an existing parking area surface must meet access compliance norms. That is why it is important to follow design and construction guidelines specified by the Division of State Architect (DSA) whenever new constructions or renovations are considered in K-12 schools, community colleges, and leased facilities in Los Angeles. Any project under the jurisdiction of DSA must have a Certified Project Inspector on site. We at CASp Inspectors are DSA certified and can provide comprehensive LA DSA services.

ADA standards apply to the space you provide in any parking lot, irrespective of whether your area code is in LA, Newport Beach, Moreno Valley, Santa Monica, San Diego, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, La Habra, Yorba Linda, or any other place in California. Contact us at CASp Inspections. We'll make sure our final inspection report will get you ADA certified and help you avoid legal action in access space compliance cases.

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Other ADA Consultation Services

Our team can assist with the development of restaurant building designs for compliance with the American ADA. We have qualified ADA consultants who will assist you with your next construction project. Our consultant firm also assists restaurant customers in protecting themselves from future compliance risks.

The ADA covers private elementary and secondary schools as places of public accommodation; i.e., the schools must be physically accessible to those with disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits the exclusion of people with disabilities from everyday activities, such as enjoying a meal at a restaurant. 

If you operate a Doctor office, Dental office, or similar – you’ll need to make sure you facility accommodates the disabled. 

Whether you own the entire stip mall or only one shop in the facility, we’ll work with you to make sure you’re ADA Compliant. 

If you own a parking lot, you’ll want to make sure your pumps are ADA friendly, as well as parking, bathroom access and more. 

Whether you’re a business who is open to the public, and has a bathroom – you’ll want to make sure you are ADA Compliant.

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