Restaurant ADA Certification & Consultation

The presence of certified access specialists (CASps) in the restaurant business demonstrates that business owners want to maintain the best possible customer access standards and will obey the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) laws regulated by the federal government.

AVOID A $75,000.00 FINE

Federal law allows for fines of up to $75,000 for the first ADA violation and $150,000 for any additional ADA violations

Our Licensed CASp experts are educated on the most up-to-date techniques for Restaurant ADA Compliance per the state of California. Offering a wide range of Restaurant ADA Compliance Consultations and Construction Services Including:

  • Disability Accessibility audits of existing Restaurant facilities as well as new construction projects
  • Designing and working with Architects for ADA accessible construction
  • Technical assistance for accessibility issues for currently constructed buildings
  • Consultation on the best methods for designing and managing buildings per the ADA
  • Training staff members on how to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Training sessions can be arranged for clients and their employees
  • Developing guidelines and policies related to disability-related issues




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Most Common Areas For
ADA Liability with Restaurants

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Restaurant parking Lot requirements

The moment a potential customer arrives on your property, via your parking lot or sidewalk, is the moment you assume some risk for lack of ADA compliance. Hiring a Certified Access Specialist to review your restaurant parking lot will help reduce your liability with the ADA. From your parking lot lines, to how many handicap spaces you have, to your curb height - these are all areas companies face potential lawsuits daily.

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RESTAURANT Walkways & HandRail requirements

From the parking lot, to the front door of the restaurant, is usually a walkway or staircase. In order to meet the ADA guidelines in California, you must have options for those who are living in a wheelchair or similar. Meaning if you have stairs, you should have a wheelchair ramp, with handrails at a certain height and angle for those who aren't able to navigate stairs easily.

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RESTAURANT Doorway requirements

All doors must be ADA compliant or have an ADA compliant option, regardless of the type of door. If your restaurant cannot afford or accomodate automatic door opening devices, the doors themselves must be easy-enough to open for those who are living in a wheelchair or have an unsteady-gait. There are certain tools used to measure the difficulty doors can be to open, and if they meet the California ADA guidelines for doorways.

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Restaurant Table Height Requirements

If your restaurant, bar, or food establishment services the public, you'll want to make sure you tables are at the correct height to accommodate those who are living in a wheelchair or via similar means. Having seating which can accommodate every type of person will benefit your business if it ever gets sued for lack of ADA access.

restroom sign

RESTAURANT Bathroom requirements

Bathrooms are one of the most common places the disabled cannot access due to inability to navigate easily with a wheelchair, therefore bathrooms are a critical place to have reviewed for handicap access asap.

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Restaurant bar Height requirements

Whether you have table seating or bar seating, you'll need to make sure your seating can accommodate people of all disabilities.

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Restaurant ADA Compliance Services

ADA compliance breaches cost dozens of companies millions of dollars each year. ADA compliance standards are important to businesses. So, assessing compliance with accessibility regulations is critical. CASp Inspectors provides pro-active construction services in order to comply with ADA standards and regulations.

Our mission is to help avoid design mistakes that could cost you time and expense to run your restaurant. We show you the different ways you can get federal financial assistance to meet the ADA requirements regulated by state and local governments.

Construction-Related Accessibility Standards Compliance Act What Does It Mean For Restaurant Owners In California?

To ensure compliance with accessibility requirements, restaurants in California must conduct periodic assessments of their accessibility facilities. This includes visiting each space on campus and reviewing written materials on accessibility. CRAD requires that public entities and private developers build new public real estate and residential housing units in order that they can be made accessible to those with disabilities in mobility. The law is only applicable to newly constructed structures in CA; existing structures already conforming to accessibility standards are exempt.


Restaurants in California need to look into documents they have uploaded to their website (s) and social network accounts. These documents include information regarding the website, including contact details, privacy policies, usage conditions, and accessibility guidelines. The owner of the restaurant must make these documents available to local government services when needed.

Our ADA-compliant website assessment services will assess your website and help you to make it compliant with ADA norms. We are happy to assist with the development of solutions that will reduce the burden on your financial resources. In any case, we offer onsite services and provide documentation and advice to make your website accessible.

The essential function is the primary job function that a person is able to perform without undue hardship. The CASp inspection will require careful evaluation of the various tasks and functions to be implemented in new construction projects or public accommodations in existing facilities. This will help private employers and businesses provide accessibility and auxiliary aids that the ADA permits in tasks and functions.

It must be noted that federal agencies and local government entities will be implementing regulations that dictate how a business in Los Angeles must provide a reasonable accommodation that prohibits discrimination.

The ADA requires an existing facility to implement guidelines listed under Title I, Title II, and Title III of the ADA. The CASp inspection leading to an inspection report should occur at least once before attempting a job-searching process such as hiring or recruiting a candidate for work.

Your judgment on which function is a direct threat to fulfilling Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) responsibilities does matter.

The ADA prohibits employers from discriminating against a candidate or worker for asserting a right under the rehabilitation act. This Act makes discrimination against a worker, employee, or fellow travelers with disabilities untenable.

According to federal law, employers are needed to provide appropriate accommodation. For example, the use of an animal (service animal) to serve someone who suffers from a disability can be one way of providing appropriate accommodation. Unlike the federal government's Employment Opportunities Act, the EEOC is not specifically implemented when it comes to service animals but is applied by state and local civil rights enforcement agencies working together.

The Commission says the employer wishing to obtain compliance with the ADA should be provided with sufficient information about the required compliance. The ADA is also supported by a technical assistance program. This course helps employers understand their obligations as well as helps people with disabilities understand the law and their legal rights.

The EEOC released a technical assistance handbook containing practical applications of the legal requirements for employment-related activities, with a list of resources for compliance.

Reasonable accommodation refers to any kind of adjustments or changes made at the restaurant or commercial property to avoid employment discrimination. This is done by allowing a qualified employee or candidate with a disability to apply for a job or to fulfill a job's basic functions.

Reasonable accommodation will enable a disabled individual or his/her family member to take part in the application procedure and to receive equal employment opportunities similar to those offered to able-bodied persons under the federal civil rights law.

ADA standards consider restaurants to be places of public accommodation, and therefore, restaurant accessibility for ADA purposes relates to providing space for disabled people to make them feel welcome and valued, both as people and as customers.

This means that a restaurant that started its business (first occupancy) after January 26, 1993, must be easily accessible to disabled people unless practical difficulties made it difficult to achieve alterations that met the ADA requirements.

This standard applies not just to the restaurant structure but also to accessible routes from parking spaces to entrances, restrooms, and dining areas.

ADA standards consider restaurants to be places of public accommodation, and therefore, restaurant accessibility for ADA purposes relates to providing space for disabled people to make them feel welcome and valued, both as people and as customers.

This means that a restaurant that started its business (first occupancy) after January 26, 1993, must be easily accessible to disabled people unless practical difficulties made it difficult to achieve alterations that met the ADA requirements.

This standard applies not just to the restaurant structure but also to accessible routes from parking spaces to entrances, restrooms, and dining areas.

The public place cannot require a person to "prove" that their dog is a service dog. A service dog is not required to be registered, certified, or identified as a service dog.

A service animal may be permitted air travel with a handling agent wherever they have permission. The person traveling with service animals cannot be not denied the right to travel even when they are not allowed pets.

The person who is being taken by a service animal does not have to sit on a specific surface. No additional fees will be charged when the person uses a service animal. The customer does not need an e-mail notification of his/her trip with the service animal. This includes subway, fixed-road buses, paratransit rail, light rail taxicab, and limousine services.

Restaurants opened for business (first occupancy) before January 25, 1993, need not be fully accessible. However, they need to remove communication and architectural barriers when readily achievable or provide an alternate way to make products and services easily available to disabled people.

The ADA act also states that any restaurant that made major alterations after January 26, 1992, must make that altered area of the restaurant, to the maximum feasible extent, readily accessible to disabled people.

ADDITIONAL ADA Consultation Services

Our team can assist with the development of restaurant building designs for compliance with the American ADA. We have qualified ADA consultants who will assist you with your next construction project. Our consultant firm also assists restaurant customers in protecting themselves from future compliance risks.

The ADA covers private elementary and secondary schools as places of public accommodation; i.e., the schools must be physically accessible to those with disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits the exclusion of people with disabilities from everyday activities, such as enjoying a meal at a restaurant. 

If you operate a Doctor office, Dental office, or similar – you’ll need to make sure you facility accommodates the disabled. 

If you own or manage an aquatic facility with pools, spas, splash-pads, and other water features, you’ll want to be ADA Compliant.

If you own a gas station, you’ll want to make sure your pumps are ADA friendly, as well as parking, bathroom access and more. 

Whether you’re a restaurant with an online menu, or run an online ecommerce website, you’ll need to make sure you are ADA compliant. 

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